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Primera entrega - 1 de 5 - Mike Dillard

Durante 5 dias estare incluyendo en este blog, en 5 partes o entregas, algo que me impacto desde un comienzo y que creo puede ser de mucho beneficio para una o muchas personas, aqui esta la primera entrega, esto esta escrito por Mike Dillard (googlealo si no sabes quien es)....esta en ingles pero con el traductor de google puedes leerlo en español o alguien te lo puede traducir, ese alguien tambien se beneficiara de esta MUY VALIOSA informacion, comenzamos:

Once You Understand This, EverythingChanges... (Part 1 of 5)

Everyone wants an “easy button” when it comes to building a business… New entrepreneurs tend to think there’s a “trick” or “secret” to success, which is why I’m constantly asked…

“How did you do it Mike? What’s the secret?”

Heck, I’m pretty sure I even asked that same question years ago when I was getting my start…

So here it is… I’ll give you the “secret”...

It took me five years of failure after failure before this finally sank in, but once it did, everything changed… I went from waiting tables to 7-figures within 18 months.

During those first five years, I thought success would come as a result of something outside myself such as a product, a marketing system, or an opportunity. 

And then one of my mentors said something to me that I’ll never forget…

He said, “Mike… If you want to make $50K/Mo, then you have to become someone who is capable of making $50K/Mo”.

And that was my light-bulb moment…

I finally gave into the fact that I needed to focus on becoming a more valuable person to lots of other people, instead of trying to cheat the system.

So if you want the “secret” to success, here it is...

The amount of money you make today is a direct reflection of something I call your "PVL", or "Personal Value Level".

Human society uses a simple tool called "money" to quickly and easily communicate the relative value of all things, from an apple, to a gallon of gasoline, to the wage for a job.

Through our free-market system, the world dictates how much money you make, according to three factors:

1: Competition - The number of people who are also capable of performing any particular job.

2: Education - The amount of specialized skills or education needed to perform the job.

3: Leverage - The number of people around the world which your work benefits.

For example, there are two reasons why restaurant waiters, janitors, or retail workers make so little...

As a waiter...

There is an almost endless supply of workers who can fill your position.

Waiting tables does not require rare, specialized skills or education.

You're only serving a dozen people at most at any given time, which means you have very little leverage.

So if you're in one of these positions, your PVL to the world is very low, which is why you'd be making very little money.

On the other hand, brain surgeons make around a million dollars per year because...

There are very few qualified individuals in the world that can perform the task, and the work requires extremely specialized knowledge and skills.

Now the reason they make around a million per year, instead of $20 million, is because they're missing piece number three... Leverage.

They can only work on one patient at a time.

Now please don't take any of this personally or get offended if you feel like you have a low Personal Value Level right now.

I'm simply stating a truth that I've learned through personal experience that most people would be too politically correct to talk about.

But until you understand WHY some people make more than others, there's no way you can break free and choose a more lucrative path.

Now let's compare these two examples to what I do at Self Made Man where I teach entrepreneurs the marketing and leadership lessons I’ve learned after building two 8-figure companies in two different industries...

1: Are there many people who have built two, 8-figure companies, and who are willing to share their knowledge?

No, so my knowledge is scarce. 

2: Does online marketing require specialized skills?


These skills are not taught in school and can only be learned by those who proactively seek out this kind of training.

3: Does this business provide me with the ability to impact the masses?


If I were teaching people how to market online, one-on-one over the phone, or in person, I'd have zero leverage.

Because I sell books and instructional online courses which can be mass-produced and distributed to an infinite number of people around the world, I have an infinite amount of leverage.

So as you can see, my job waiting tables had a very low PVL to the world, where my job as a modern day educator using technology to reach the masses, has a very high Personal Value Level.

One job pays $30,000 per year. The other job pays millions per year.

So how can you increase YOUR PVL?

The fastest way to reach the incredible levels of success you want to achieve is to increase your value to the world, and the fastest way to increase your value to the world is to acquire new skills.

So I set out on a mission to acquire new skills, and one set in particular...

Marketing and copywriting.

Why did I choose these two skills?

Because your business is marketing.

He or she who markets and promotes best, wins.

Read that again... "YOUR BUSINESS IS MARKETING".

Want proof?

I could dump two tons of the greatest new Super Vitamin 2000 on your driveway, but unless you knew how to market it to the right people, you wouldn't make a dime.

The money is not in the product.

It is in knowing how to market the product!

This is the primary reason why so many investors, experts, and authors, who are infinitely smarter than I am, fail in business.

So you have two options here...

1: You can acquire the skill of marketing yourself like I did. This is what I'd recommend because once you have this skill, you will NEVER experience a lack of money again for the rest of your life.

2: You can partner with someone who has already acquired this skill.

My friends Jeff and Isabel are a perfect example of this kind of partnership...

Isabel is a fitness expert who wrote a fantastic eBook on diet and nutrition, but she didn't know much about marketing.

So she partnered with Jeff who is a master marketer, and pursues fitness as his hobby.

They combined his skills in marketing with her skills on health and fitness, and built a massive 8-figure business within a year.

The skill that changed my life was copywriting, which is basically "salesmanship in print."

I realized that instead of pitching my product or business to one person at a time over the phone, I could write a sales letter, post it online or in an email, and have it seen by thousands of people per day.

In other words, it gave me huge amounts of leverage, and I found this idea extremely appealing.

Now copywriting is a skill and an art that must be learned, so I started buying every book I could on the subject.

Some were free, some were less than $20 bucks at the local bookstore, another was $2,000, and the last copywriting book... (Yes, a single 300-page book I purchased about five years ago) was $5,000 per copy.

Back in 2004 I was still broke so I started small and studied the skill of copywriting every day for about six months.

I learned how to write persuasive ads and “capture pages” that would allow me to build a list of people online who were interested enough in what I was selling to give me their email address.

For the first time in my life, I had acquired a truly valuable skill... the skill of copywriting.

I spent a good 1-2 years devouring everything I could find on the subject.

I used every spare dollar I had to buy every book and course I could afford.

I'd sit in my room for hours every night writing out successful sales letters by hand in order to learn the psychology and the rhythm of a story.

I put a level of effort into mastering a skill that 99.99% of people in the world never will, and it became my super power. 

As a result, my value to the world went through the roof because I could now sell my products, or other people’s products effectively online, and at scale.

Within 18 months, I made my first 7-figures. 

So that’s the secret...

The fastest way to reach the incredible levels of success you want to achieve is to increase your value to the world, and the fastest way to increase your value to the world is to acquire new skills.

Stay tuned… Tomorrow I’m going to teach you how to become the hunted instead of the hunter, so you can attract customers to you instead of chasing after them... 

- Mike Dillard

PD.- Aqui mismo en este blog estaran apareciendo las otras 4 entregas en los proximos cuatro dias hasta completar las 5 entradas.